'Teen Titans' Tower Has Been Masterfully Rebuilt In 'Fortnite'

This past week, Epic Games introduced a new Creative Mode to Fortnite, allowing fans to run wild building whatever they please (to an extent) on their own private island. And with that, two devoted fans didn’t waste any time, as they’ve recreated an iconic Teen Titans building with it.

Team Kaliber members (and YouTube creators) Whos Chaos and GONE have put together a very impressive model of the “T” shaped building. And it’s not just pretty on the outside either, as it’s just as detailed on the inside as it is outside.

Whos Chaos posted a quick look at the Tower in the tweet below, crediting Epic Games for the assist with both Fortnite’s Creative and Replay modes. (The latter was used to set up the “virtual tour” below.)

The fact that the duo was able to get this done in just ten hours is unthinkably awesome, to say the least.

Keep in mind that this is just within the first week of Creative Mode's debut, too. We’re likely to see even crazier stuff built in the game over the next few months. But very few will measure up to this landmark.

If you prefer an even more detailed look at the Tower and its interior, check out the video above, which has thirteen minutes of footage (and some goofiness to boot). If you’re a fan of either the Fortnite or Teen Titans franchises, consider this a must-watch.

Now we just need the actual Teen Titans added to the game. It'd be interesting to see Starfire, Beast Boy and Cyborg settle things in a "friendly' round of Fortnite. (Just remember that you're all going back to the same home when you're done, guys. No need to get too hostile.)


Fortnite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices and PC.

(Hat tip to Fortnite Intel for the scoop!)