Telltale's Netflix ‘Stranger Things’ Game Leaked Footage Released

With the sudden dwindling down of Telltale Games operations this weekend, a lot of fans were saddened, not only by the loss of jobs but also over the realization that they would never see what the company had in mind for its Stranger Things game. Or...would they?

With a little help from PCGamesN, some videos have surfaced online featuring what looks like first gameplay from the now-cancelled project -- and it's pretty amazing how well it looks. While we can't confirm the legitimacy -- it made the rounds on Reddit and 4chan a little earlier -- it definitely resembles Telltale's previous work.

It doesn't appear the videos have sound, but you can make out certain details. They were posted over on Gyfcat.

Here's the first video, featuring what appears to be Will walking through a hallway while his mother speaks on the phone, before continuing onward in the house:

Next up, there's a video of Will opening up a drawer, looking for items inside:

We then see Will stop and have a conversation with his mother in the house.

But these next videos are where things start to get REAL interesting, as a Demogorgon seems to make an appearance while your character wanders through the Upside Down. This seems to be done from a first-person perspective, as you can see the damage that's taken once you are hit.

Finally, this last piece of footage apparently has your character hiding from the Demogorgon, underneath a bed of some kind. Your character basically waits for the creature to pass, in an attempt to avoid taking any extra damage from it.

Again, there hasn't been any confirmation as to where this gameplay footage came from, as neither Telltale Games nor Netflix commented on the matter yet. But it certainly does look legitimate, right down to the Demogorgon design; and we know that Telltale began early development on the game before their layoffs last week. So it could very well be the real deal.

Here's hoping that Netflix does find a partner in producing a Stranger Things game, because this looks awesome beyond all belief.


In the meantime, you can catch up on Stranger Things now on Netflix.

(Hat tip to PCGamesN for the scoop!)