The Crew 3 Reportedly Leaks Ahead of Imminent Reveal

The Crew 3 has reportedly leaked ahead of an imminent reveal. Ubisoft has its hands in a lot of different genres as its one of the biggest publishers on the planet. There are stealth/action games, big first-person shooters, RPGs, and so much more. Shortly after the release of the Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft opted to create a brand new racing franchise that allowed players to drive coast to coast across the United States. It was a pretty ambitious concept, but it was still given mixed reviews due to everything else besides the vast open world falling a bit short. The sequel upped the ante with the same concept, but gave players access to new vehicles like planes, completely changing the playing field for the series.

However, The Crew IP has laid dormant for some time, but it may be making a comeback in some capacity very soon. As reported by Insider Gaming, dataminer ScriptLeaksR6 discovered that a Ubisoft game codenamed Project Orlando will be called The Crew: Motorfest. According to the report, the game actually began as DLC for The Crew 2, but quickly ballooned in size and transformed into a totally standalone game. The game is expected to take players to the Hawaii island of Oahu and presumably carry over the land, sea, and air vehicles from The Crew 2, but that's not confirmed. Insider Gaming noted that the fact these things were datamined may suggest a reveal for the game is imminent. However, Ubisoft has no upcoming events, so if it does happen, it would likely be randomly announced via social media.

Whether or not The Crew: Motorfest is actually a game that fans want remains to be seen. The big appeal of the series was going coast to coast in the continental United States and limiting it to one island may not be as appealing. However, this change may allow Ubisoft to focus on creating a more detailed, denser map for fans to explore.

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