Matthew McConaughey Turned Down Major The Last of Us Role From HBO

HBO offered Matthew McConaughey a major role in The Last of Us, but according to a new report, the [...]

HBO offered Matthew McConaughey a major role in The Last of Us, but according to a new report, the Hollywood star turned down the role. HBO has yet to reveal the entire cast for The Last of Us, but we do know who will be playing TV adaptation's two biggest characters: Ellie and Joel. Playing the former is Bella Ramsey. Meanwhile, playing the latter is Pedro Pascal. As you would expect, the reaction to these casting announcements was a mixed bag, which to an extent, was inevitable. That said, while it's possible Ramsey was the first choice to play Ellie, according to a new report, Pascal was not the initial target for Joel.

According to insider DanielRPK, before handing The Mandalorian star the lead role, HBO contacted Matthew McConaughey for the role. Unfortunately, for fans of the movie star, he apparently shot down the offer.

Where this gets even more interesting is that if previous reports are to be believed, Blade star Mahershala Ali was also considered for the role before Pascal, though it's unclear if Ali was preferred to McConaughey. Whatever the case, if these reports -- which should be taken with a grain of salt -- are accurate, Pascal was far down the totem pole when it came time to cast Joel. Does this mean fans should be worried about the show? No, not necessarily, as this happens in the world of casting often. However, there's no doubting the show would have more appeal and reach with McConaughey in the lead role.

HBO's The Last of Us is currently in pre-production and set to commence filming next month. Right now, there's no word of a release date.

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