The Last of Us Part 2 Launch Trailer Released

The Last of Us Part II’s launch trailer released on Wednesday to give PlayStation 4 owners one [...]

The Last of Us Part II's launch trailer released on Wednesday to give PlayStation 4 owners one final look at the game that'll be in their hands in just over a week's time. The launch trailer keeps things brief by being just 50 seconds long, but much of that isn't even dedicated to footage from the game itself and instead leads back to past looks at different parts of the game. Still, it's another preview of The Last of Us Part II, and that's as much as those looking forward to the game can hope for ahead of its release.

The launch trailer for the game from Naughty Dog and Sony opens with tense music backing Ellie's threats of vengeance against those who've done her wrong. Much of what we see in the trailer are clips we've seen in the past through different previews that show Ellie riding horseback in front of sprawling but dilapidated cities as well as her confrontations with different characters. We see Joel for only a little while, but he's really the only familiar face besides Ellie in the series of tense moments.

All those moments last only around 20 seconds until the trailer cuts away to a reminder of the game's release date as if those who've been looking forward to it needed a reminder. Some helpful links shown towards the end will take you to other previews of the game if those 20 seconds weren't enough including the extended gameplay sequence released during one of Sony's recent State of Plays.

You can also listen to the creators of the game talk about it and the original The Last of Us in the buildup to The Last of Us Part II's release date and even after that during PlayStation's limited podcast series for the game. The series will run for the next eight weeks following the first episode that's already available with new releases happening every Tuesday.

"In the lead-up to The Last of Us Part II's launch, we'll be diving deep into the making of the first game, but on July 7, once everyone's had a chance to play, we'll be turning our focus to the The Last of Us Part II and unpacking the story, gameplay, and development process. You're going to want to make sure you tune in for that."

The Last of Us Part II is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4 on June 19th.