Pedro Pascal Reacts To Casting as Joel in HBO's The Last of Us

Late last night, it was announced that HBO’s The Last of Us TV series would be casting Pedro [...]

Late last night, it was announced that HBO's The Last of Us TV series would be casting Pedro Pascal in the role of Joel, much to the delight and surprise of many fans. Pascal will be playing opposite of Bella Ramsey, who was also announced yesterday to be acting as Ellie in the series. After the news was made public, Pascal himself ended up taking to social media to share his thoughts on the matter.

To perhaps put things mildly, Pascal seems quite excited to be playing Joel in The Last of Us. The actor, likely most well-known for his role in The Mandalorian, at first tweeted out two emojis to express that his mind was blown at the announcement. He then tagged Craig Mazin, one of the creators of the series, in his tweet alongside HBO.

Pascal wasn't done after just one tweet, though. He then ended up sharing another news story, not only tagging the same accounts, but also included a quote from the game series. "No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for," Pascal said in his tweet. The quote is specifically from the first The Last of Us game and is, of course, a line that is said by Joel.

Last but not least, Pascal then ended up sharing a message from Neil Druckmann, who is the writer and director behind both The Last of Us games. Druckmann is also serving as one of the lead producers on this HBO series and had a say in the casting process. The iconic Naughty Dog developer expressed that he was "stoked" to have Pascal as part of The Last of Us. Pascal then thanked Druckmann and referred to him as "Dr.", which is a play on the user name that the director has on Twitter.

All in all, it's great to see that Pascal is this thrilled to be part of The Last of Us. His excitement for the role is surely something that will you imagine will bleed off on fans as well. While it may be awhile until we see him in the actual shoes of the character, he seems like a great choice for the iconic part.

As of this writing, HBO doesn't have a release date for The Last of Us, but production has been picking up steam in recent months. Alongside the additions of Pascal and Ramsey, the director of the show's pilot episode was also revealed not too long ago. We should start to learn a whole lot more about this series in the new future, so if you'd like to stay in the loop, you can follow all of our upcoming coverage right here.