Anya Taylor-Joy Says The Super Mario Bros. Movie Made Her a Gamer

Anya Taylor-Joy is set to voice Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and it seems the actress has become a fan of video games as a result. Speaking recently to MTV News, Taylor-Joy revealed that while she was not a gamer beforehand, her role in the movie resulted in a lot of excitement from her friends. This inspired her to check out Mario Kart, and that eventually led her to start visiting arcades, as well. In the interview, Taylor-Joy referred to herself as a "hardcore adult arcade individual."

The clip from the video can be found embedded below.

As The Super Mario Bros. Movie's April 7th release date starts to come closer, fans have gotten a better idea of what to expect from the movie. Taylor-Joy's take on Peach was missing from the first trailer, but the second one gave viewers a much closer look at the character. Bowser is on a quest to obtain the Power Stars in the film, and the second trailer shows Peach preparing the Mushroom Kingdom for war. It seems Peach will be the one training Mario in the movie, as she can be seen teaching him all about how to use the Fire Flower. Peach will be wearing her classic dress in the film, but she can also be seen sporting her Mario Kart racing suit.

Princess Peach was depicted as a "damsel in distress" when she made her first appearance in 1985's Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Four years later, the character would move beyond that role, becoming a fully playable character in Super Mario Bros. 2. The character's ability to float over farther distances made her a fan favorite, and Peach has made countless playable appearances since then. Notably, she even received her own game in 2005's Super Princess Peach, where she was the one tasked with rescuing Mario! The character has come a long way over the decades, and it will be interesting to see how Anya-Taylor Joy brings that to life on the big screen!

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