The Walking Dead Comes to Gods of Boom

This weekend, AMC's The Walking Dead will return for the show's mid-season premiere. In honor of the show's return, mobile game Gods of Boom is getting a Walking Dead-themed season, filled with plenty of exciting additions for fans of the show. While Gods of Boom is traditionally a 4-on-4, PvP experience, the Walking Dead update will give the game a new PvE mode, in which players must take on Walkers and Whisperers. As far as updates go, this one seems like a pretty substantial one, giving fans of the game quite a bit of new content to enjoy.

While plenty of first-person shooters have offered zombie-killing action in the past, the Gods of Boom update has plenty of other additions that truly make it a Walking Dead experience. In addition to the new mode, the game will have lots of other elements from the series. Players will be able to wield weapons such as Rick's Revolver, Daryl's Crossbow, and "Lucille," the barbed-wire covered bat wielded by Negan.

Fans of Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon will be pleased to know that the character will also appear in the game, as a skin. Daryl has been a fan favorite since the start of the series; with Rick currently missing in the show, it only makes sense to see Daryl as the face of the tie-in promotion.


Developed by Game Insight, Gods of Boom debuted in 2017 as Guns of Boom, before getting a title change. Since then, the mobile game has been downloaded more than 70 million times worldwide. The game has had pop culture tie-ins in the past, including one that brought in actor Danny Trejo, though this seems to be the most significant one the publisher has ever offered. The Gods of Boom season update is available today and is slated to span six weeks. The Walking Dead's Season 10 mid-season premiere will air on Sunday.

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