‘The Walking Dead’ Creator on “Bittersweet” Conclusion to ‘The Walking Dead: The Final Season’

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment Senior [...]

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment Senior Vice-President/Editor-in-Chief Sean Mackiewicz sent off Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season ahead of its last episode.

"The Telltale game has been a real source of pride at Skybound for a number of years at this point," Kirkman wrote in the "Letter Hacks" column ending March's The Walking Dead #189. "It's bittersweet to see it nearing its conclusion, but also rewarding to have gone on this journey and being able to step in and ensure it gets wrapped up properly. I hope you all enjoy it!"

Added Mackiewicz, "The FINAL episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be released on whatever system you play your brain-rotting video games. A lot of talented folks put a LOT of effort into making this episode, bringing the season (and series overall) to a heartbreaking close... so please let us know what you think. There's a ton of action to enjoy in this installment, so much you'll never notice all the awful things about to happen to Clem, AJ and company... #StillNotBitten (for now)."

Shortly after Telltale Games in September cancelled The Final Season midway through release as result of the company's shuttering, Kirkman announced at New York Comic Con his company, Skybound, would see the season to completion. Actress Melissa Hutchison, who voices lead character Clementine, later said at Walker Stalker Con New Jersey the abrupt cancellation was "traumatic" and "devastating."

"It was actually something out of a movie, it was very dramatic. I was actually in a recording session for The Final Season when the axe dropped, and the session had to stop," she said, explaining she had only "about an hour" remaining in the session.

"It was all very dramatic. I called a very dear friend of mine who worked at Telltale and I was like, 'Yo, what's going on, man?' And he was just kind of deliriously like, 'They shut the doors, it's all done, we're done, it's gone.' And then I basically cried myself into physical pain [laughs]. It was about two weeks of hell. I say that, that's pretty dramatic... but we'd been working with Telltale a very long time."

When releasing a fresh trailer for the fourth and final episode, Skybound previewed the "heart-wrenching climax" in store for Clementine and company when The Walking Dead: The Final Season becomes available Tuesday, March 26 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.


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