The Witcher Showrunner Breaks Down How Violent the Show Will Be

If you thought Netflix had any plans of curtailing The Witcher's mature, and sometimes very dark, [...]

If you thought Netflix had any plans of curtailing The Witcher's mature, and sometimes very dark, themes, well it's not, and from the sounds of it, Netflix is actually really leaning into these themes. Speaking to Italian website, Corriere, showrunner Lauren Hissrich revealed that you're not going to want to let your kids watch the show, because not only is it not shying away from violence, but it won't shy away from the series' other adult themes: such as racism.

"Very brutal...we are not shy about the adult themes present in the original material," said Hissrich while speaking to the aforementioned outlet about the show's violence and mature content. "The novels contemplate sexism, racism, and war with a lot of politics. Let's say five-year-olds shouldn't watch it."

As you may know, this lines up with what Hissrich has said about the show in the past, so perhaps none of this should be very surprising. That said, it's nice to hear that Netflix is staying faithful to the show's source material. It's very easy to imagine a world where some of these adult themes are shied away from.

So far, the show has only revealed one trailer, and there wasn't anything overly graphic within it. Hopefully its second trailer -- which is dropping soon -- remedies this. One of the big things for Game of Thrones, was it being positioned for mature audiences, and so I think it would wise for The Witcher to establish this side of it early on before it releases. But, nobody pays me to market anything, so what would I know.

Anyway, in other recent and related news, new images of the show were revealed today, featuring looks at Geralt, Yenn, and what appears to be some type of beast with a soft side.

The first season of The Witcher is set to release sometime later this year. At the moment of publishing, there's been no official word on when the eight episodes will drop, but rumors have suggested it could be in December.

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