There Was Once A Conan Game In The Works For Atari Jaguar

Since we’re never one to turn away quirky retro stuff, we’ve found a neat little something for [...]

Since we're never one to turn away quirky retro stuff, we've found a neat little something for fans of the Conan franchise – an unreleased game for the Atari Jaguar.

The team over at Retro Gaming Magazine have uncovered a classic video of a game being featured at the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronic Show, under the name of Conan. It's unknown if it's based on the official Conan franchise or just an off-shoot, but it features a mighty guy with a sword, so chances are it might have been licensed.

The video, which can be seen above, depicts a side-scrolling action game that was in development for the Atari Jaguar, featuring a lone swordsman (with the option for a second player to jump in, Final Fight style), taking on both human and animal enemies alike, using quick sword strikes to knock them down. The game looked to be very early in development, inspired by said Final Fight gameplay, with an energy bar and the ability to unleash different kinds of attacks.

The game was in development by Arcade Zone, but this footage is the only proof that Conan even existed, as Retro Gaming Magazine wasn't able to locate any sort of ROM images for the title. Apparently, the game's development folded up shop shortly after the Atari Jaguar was discontinued. And there appears to be nothing in regards to any sort of prototype, not even an early build of the game.

We've seen games like this before, ones that had certain potential when it came to being made, only to evaporate without getting any sort of release. And considering the Jaguar wasn't the most popular machine on the planet, it's understood why the project never came to fruition.

At the very least, we did get an official Conan game back in 2007, when THQ attained the rights to the franchise and created a God of War-like adventure, featuring the voice talents of Ron Perlman. (That's where we got the cover image from.) It's certainly a much more visceral game – and a little deeper in gameplay as well.

Still, let's pay tribute to the Conan game that never came out. Who knows how good it would've been…?



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