This Bowser Jr. Nintendo Domino Set-Up Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

We've seen some impressive domino line-ups in the past, mainly revolving around video game characters – but the latest one from The Domino King just might take the cake.

The domino-meister recently posted a great new video on the official TheDominoKing YouTube Channel that's made up of 23,000 (!) dominoes, and focuses primarily on Bowser Jr., the lovable little character from later Mario games that have been released over the years. He drops these dominoes in the video, and it's really something watching them weave around and then break apart into larger groups, mainly with pictures, like Bowser Jr.'s nameplate and his portrait, which look just as sharp as when the dominoes drop.

The artwork actually goes across an entire room floor, and it took an approximate five days to put together, using 23,400 dominoes in all. It's really something, just like The Domino King's other videos on the channel. He noted in the video description, "I usually have extra cameras set up around these projects however I didn't want to chance setting them up since there was very little room left." Hey, the camera work's fine in itself, so it's no big deal.

Check out the video above, and be sure to look over The Domino King's other videos on his YouTube channel!