This Pickle Rick PlayStation Move Decal Is The Stuff Of Legend

The PlayStation Move may not be the most popular controller on the market – hell, it’s not [...]


The PlayStation Move may not be the most popular controller on the market – hell, it's not even in high demand – but it's definitely something that a few people are interested in, whether they're playing games with it on the PlayStation 3 (like shooters such as Time Crisis: Razing Storm) or PlayStation 4 VR games like Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, in which it's pretty much required.

So imagine our surprise when the team over at Flaming Toast Decals decided to put together a rather inspired decal for the PlayStation Move that not only makes it a necessity, but will probably make you want to put your hands on it – especially if you're a fan of Rick and Morty.

In case you missed it, the popular Adult Swim show had a great episode a couple of weeks ago in which Pickle Rick was born. Essentially, it was Rick transformed into a pickle in the hopes of getting out of family therapy, only to end up in a wild adventure that involves Russian agents and a whole lot of explosions.

Well, the episode inspired the team at Flaming Toast Decals to create a cool Pickle Rick skin for the PlayStation Move, featuring his face on the bottom of the controller and the green color of the pickle skinned along the controller. And, yeah, it looks pretty awesome.

It's unknown if the team is offering it up for purchase just yet, but you can keep tabs on the official Flaming Toast page and see if it becomes available. It is offering a number of other great skins, though, so feel free to shop around and see what it has to offer.

Meanwhile, make sure to take it upon yourself to watch the Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty if you haven't already. This show has been nailing it out of the park all season, but that particular episode features all sorts of epicness – and the controller skin definitely looks like it matches up with it in sheer intensity. What we wouldn't give to see a version for the Wii remote. (Yes, Flaming Toast, that was a challenge.)