This Prey Speedrunner Manages To Finish The Game In Even Faster Time

So, just a few days ago, we posted a story talking about how a player was able to speedrun his way [...]

So, just a few days ago, we posted a story talking about how a player was able to speedrun his way through the world of Bethesda's Prey within a matter of about 20 minutes or so, making quite a world record for himself. Well, apparently, he wasn't very content with that, and decided to go at it again, and has set an even faster record for beating the game. No, we're not kidding.

We talked about DraQu, the player who was able to conquer the new game, using whatever perks he could find, as well as shortcuts found throughout the game, in order to finish it in record time. But he's somehow taken advantage of those even further, and has now managed to beat the game in just under 11 minutes. That nearly shaves his original completion time for the game by half.

This is the fastest speedrun that we've seen for the game yet, although several other players have already tried to get their quickest times for the game in, since it seems to be built to be run through in a hurry. However, it's going to be interesting to see if anyone can step up and beat DraQu's time, even if they manage to copy some of his methods in the process. Who knows – he just might step up tomorrow and try to cut down that time even further, just to see if he can.

Prey is quite an intricate game, built on exploration and dealing with enemies with a number of unique weapons, like the Gloo Cannon. However, it's not your typical first-person shooter, as there are things you'll have to adjust to – like staying alive while aliens try to run you down at any corner. Needless to say, though, DraQu has found a rhythm that works for himself, and, as a result, he's able to produce these incredible speedruns.

You can check out the video above. There are spoilers, mind you, so proceed with caution – or maybe play the game for yourself first and see what you're missing out on.

Prey is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.