Tomb Raider Report Leaks First Details on New Game "Project Jawbreaker"

A new Tomb Raider game under the code name "Project Jawbreaker" has been leaked, courtesy of a prominent PlayStation insider. Back in April, Crystal Dynamics confirmed a new Tomb Raider game using Unreal Engine 5 was in development. In other words, we knew a new Lara Croft adventure was coming, but that's all we knew. Now, we know a little bit more about the game, courtesy of the aforementioned insider, Colin Moriarty. 

During an episode of Sacred Symbols, Moriarty added to the information we already knew when he relayed word the game is in development under the aforementioned name. Typically, codenames and project names don't mean much, but they can sometimes be an insight into the project itself, though, if there is any insight here, it's unclear what the insight is.

Moriarty reveals that the information comes courtesy of some scripts that have been provided for the game to actors. These scripts were provided to Moriarty by an anonymous source "in the industry." The scripts don't reveal a ton about the project, but they do boast the following description of the project:

"Project Jawbreaker is an action-adventure game set in a modern-day world rocked by a mysterious cataclysm," reads the description. "The tone [of the game] is grounded but with fantastical elements."

A script specific to Lara Croft describes the character in the game as female, mid-30s, white, 5'6, and athletic. Interestingly, it's added that Crystal Dynamics is looking for an "authentic British person" for the role.

"Lara Croft is now at the top of her game," reads the script for the character. "Gone are the days of the young, inexperienced woman dealing with matters of legacy and familial reckoning. Lara has fully let go of her childhood and embraced a life of adventure and purpose."

It's added that the legacy of Croft has inspired others to follow in her footsteps, which may suggest there could be some type of mentor/prodigy dynamic in the game. This may be a stretch, but other parts of the script and its description of the character at least suggest she won't be alone on this new journey.

"Lara has become lonely at the top," further adds the script. "The beginning of this next chapter presents Lara with a quintessential adult problem; facing something too big to handle alone. On this new adventure, Lara will encounter a challenge she can only overcome with a team at her side."

For now, this is about the extent of salient details shared by the report. As for Crystal Dynamics, it has not commented on any of this. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly.