Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia Video Explains Biggest Battle Changes

A new Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia video has been released that shows some of the biggest [...]

A new Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia video has been released that shows some of the biggest Battle changes that players will find in the game.

The setting of the latest game brings about a new 9th century time period, so it's fitting that the tactics, weaponry, and other features would change appropriately to match the times. While other areas of the game have been talked about in the past, the latest video from Creative Assembly is all about Battles.

"We've so far talked a lot about the changes you can expect to see in the Grand Campaign for Thrones of Britannia," the video explained. "Today, it's all about Battle."

The first biggest change is that this is the ear of shield-based warfare, so players can expect to see many tactics that utilize these defensive options. Citing numerous historic examples of shield walls being used in the past, the developers explained that changes such as the distance between units have been made to fit the shield-toting combat. All units with shields also now have a charge reflect attribute which affects incoming cavalry charges.

Cavalry combat itself is also changing in Thrones of Britannia where the spacing between the mounted units has been widened as opposed to the way that the infantry was tightened. This allows for cavalry units to pass through gaps when charging enemy units of the same type which allows them to circle around for another pass.

Critical hits can also be procced in Thrones of Britannia be it from a melee attack or a projectile. These rare strikes deal a massive 10 times the amount of damage they'd normally do, so getting hit with one of these is going to hurt any unit unlucky enough to experience a critical hit.

The final two changes in the game deal with unit modes and settlements. As for unit modes, Guard Mode is returning again with the familiar features as well as some quality of life improvements that allow for more settings to be chosen. New settlement maps have also been created along with other changes, all of which are explained in the video above.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is scheduled to be released only on Steam starting next month. The release date was previously April 19 for the war strategy game, but it was announced not long ago that the release date was being changed to May 3 instead. It's not too much further from the initial release date, but the developers said that it will allow for the finishing touches to be put on the game.