T-Pain Goes On a Comical Tirade About the Struggles of Twitch Streaming

T-Pain might be a well-known name in the hip hop and music industry, but when it comes to making a [...]

T-Pain might be a well-known name in the hip hop and music industry, but when it comes to making a name for himself as a Twitch streamer, well, he seems to have his own struggles just like many other content creators. In fact, T-Pain's annoyance with seeing little growth in his viewership has now resulted in a rather funny rant that he delivered to his audience not long ago.

In a recent steam, T-Pain started venting his frustrations with Twitch streaming in a rather comical manner. T-Pain asserted that he is a pretty small streamer in the grand scheme of things and when he got push back on this notion from viewers, it prompted him to go into a really amusing tirade. The musician-turned-streamer pointed to other creators such as xQc and TimTheTatman and compared their viewership to his own to show that by comparison, he doesn't match up whatsoever.

T-Pain's rant was delivered in a hilarious, somewhat joking manner, but there is a lot of truth to it. While each year sees a number of new streamers and content creators becoming big, it's definitely not something that happens overnight for most. Many of the biggest streamers in the world got to where they are by being consistent and finding certain niches to fill in.

Still, even if T-Pain is smaller than some bigger name streamers, many other very small content creators would surely kill to have his viewership. As of this writing, T-Pain has nearly 480,000 followers on Twitch and typically amasses a couple thousand viewers at a time. While those aren't the same numbers as someone like xQc, it's definitely a respectable audience size.

Perhaps 2021 will be the year for T-Pain though in which his steam reaches new heights. Even if he doesn't become the biggest streamer on Twitch, you would think that he has to be happy with the audience size that he does currently boast.

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