Twisted Metal Sets Surprising New Record With Peacock Debut

The PlayStation adaptation seems to be a huge hit for Peacock.

Twisted Metal is off to a very strong start for Peacock, with NBCUniversal reporting that the show is the platform's "most-binged" comedy premiere thus far. A report from Deadline states that the average Peacock subscriber is binging three episodes in a single viewing session. Even more surprising, many subscribers have watched the entire 10-episode season in one shot! The show has apparently become one of the streaming service's "top five original series launched to date," alongside Bel Air, The Best Man: Final Chapters, Poker Face and Based on a True Story. As is the case with most streaming series, specific viewership numbers were not revealed.

Twisted Metal premiered on Peacock on July 27th. Based on the PlayStation series, the show features Anthony Mackie, Stephanie Beatriz, Thomas Hayden Church and both Will Arnett and Joe "Samoa Joe" Seanoa playing the role of Sweet Tooth. The show has clearly found an audience, and was a critical success, as well. As of this writing, Sony and NBCUniversal have made no announcements about the show's future, though the end of the 10th episode does set-up a potential second season. Should the series continue to find success, it certainly seems like a possibility, though an announcement likely won't happen until after the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strike comes to an end.

Fans of the Twisted Metal show are hoping to find out more about the future of the series, but fans of the games haven't been faring any better. There hasn't been a new Twisted Metal game since 2012, and just three older games in the series are currently available on PlayStation 5. This would be the perfect opportunity for Sony to cash in on the show's success, but unfortunately there's no telling when (or if) we'll see another game.

Hopefully the success of Twisted Metal will result in another season of the show, and convince Sony to release another game in the series. For now, however, fans will just have to enjoy what's currently available.

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