Twisted Metal Season 1 Has a (Very Important) Post-Credits Scene

Stick around for Twisted Metal's post-credits scene, especially if you're a fan of Sweet Tooth.

The post-credits scene has become something of a common practice in today's world of TV and movies. The Marvel Cinematic Universe took the idea to new heights and most franchises (or hopeful franchise-starters) tack on scenes during or after the credits to tease what might come next. You may not have noticed, but Peacock's Twisted Metal series is one of those titles that uses a post-credits scene to set up the future. Even though the final moments of the show's first season tee up what's to come, there's still one more scene that offers clarity on a major character's fate.

WARNING: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the first season of Twisted Metal! Continue reading at your own risk...

The first half of the Twisted Metal Season 1 finale is a full-on battle royale that brings to life the popular action of the video games the series is based on. Many of the major characters take to a vehicular battlefield to try and take one another out. Naturally, Sweet Tooth ends up in the fight. Unfortunately for the psychotic killer clown, he doesn't seem to make it through the action. He's shot in the eye and hit by a car going full speed. The last thing we see of Sweet Tooth is his iconic mask, lying bloody on the asphalt. 

If you stick around through the finale's credits, though, you'll learn that Sweet Tooth is far from dead, and his thirst for revenge is stronger than ever.

Twisted Metal Post-Credits Scene

The scene after the credits starts with Stu and Michael sitting on a beach, roasting hot dogs over an open fire, having escaped Sweet Tooth's clutches. Remember, Stu turned on Sweet Tooth to save Michael, shooting him in the face in an effort to escape.

That turned out to be a terrible decision. A minute or so into the scene, Sweet Tooth emerges from the jungle behind the two men. He seemingly kills Michael with his sword (though it happens off-screen), before dragging a screaming Stu back into the trees behind him.

It felt like Sweet Tooth would definitely be back for Season 2 of Twisted Metal, provided Peacock orders another round of episodes, but it may have been surprising to see him return to quickly after his death fake-out. 

This final scene of the season not only confirms that Sweet Tooth is definitely a part of the future for Twisted Metal, but that he and Stu's story together is far from over. Despite being a murderous maniac, Sweet Tooth opts not to kill Stu. He's got something else in mind for his "S Brother."

Twisted Metal Season 2

Peacock hasn't yet announced a second season of Twisted Metal, and there's no telling just when a decision on the show's future might be made. What we do know, however, is that the creative team clearly has plans in place for a potential Season 2. Not only does Sweet Tooth's return tease an additional story, but the finale also sets up the actual Twisted Metal competition, pitting the best drivers in the world against one another in a deadly tournament.

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