Samoa Joe Was a Giant Fan of Twisted Metal Games Before Becoming Sweet Tooth (Exclusive)

Samoa Joe played a lot of Twisted Metal on PlayStation prior to the Peacock series.

Twisted Metal is set to release on Peacock this week, bringing a classic PlayStation series to the small screen. In the show, Sweet Tooth will be played by Joe "Samoa Joe" Seanoa. Speaking to's Chris Killian, Seanoa discussed his passion for the series, while also revealing that the team did play the game on-set, though it did take a while, as Sony apparently had a difficult time tracking down a copy for them! Video of Samoa Joe's comments can be found at the top of this page.

"I played all the way up through [Twisted Metal] Black, and I have enjoyed every one and when the opportunity was given to me to be Sweet Tooth, I couldn't help but jump at it," said Seanoa.

The first Twisted Metal released just a few months after the original PlayStation, becoming one of the console's biggest early exclusives. The game spawned a franchise for Sony, with games releasing across several PlayStation platforms, including PS2, PS3, and PSP. Unfortunately, the franchise has been missing since 2012's Twisted Metal, which released on PS3. There have been a number of rumors about a potential reboot on PS5, but fans of the series will have to settle for older entries in the meantime.

Twisted Metal is the latest PlayStation franchise to receive a live-action adaptation, following the release of Uncharted in 2022 and The Last of Us earlier this year. Next month will also see the theatrical release of Gran Turismo, and a movie based on Ghost of Tsushima is currently in the works. Adaptations of video games have become a big deal over the last few years, and Sony is increasingly looking at PlayStation franchises to adapt for other mediums. It will be interested to see if Peacock's Twisted Metal can appeal to fans of the games, but it doesn't hurt that members of the cast are fans themselves!

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Editor's note: This interview was conducted prior to the SAG actors' strike.