Twitch Streamer Sets New Viewership Record With Boxing Stream

A Twitch streamer has broken the record for most concurrent viewers with a boxing stream. It's no secret that boxing streams and YouTube events are huge and have been for the last few years. Human beings are very primal and love to see people hit each other. Add in the fact that there's a big culture around streamers and content creators, they make for a great pairing when event hosts combine the two. Naturally, boxing events involving influencers have become a massive form of entertainment over the last few years. There is some speculation regarding the legitimacy of some of these events, but it hasn't stopped people from eating it up.

Spanish Twitch streamer Ibai set a new record on the platform with a peak of 3.3 million concurrent views with his "La Velada del Año II" boxing event. The record was set before the main event even aired, meaning there was massive engagement with the event even before the big marquee moment. The previous record was set by TheGrefg at 2.4 million views during a stream where he was revealing a Fortnite skin of himself. Needless to say, there's a huge disparity between both the content being streamed and the numbers put up by both streamers. Whether Ibai will be able to top these numbers with a future boxing event remains to be seen, but it's certainly not out of the question.

Ibai is becoming one of the best ways to consume these boxing events and will likely continue to raise the stakes, lure in larger creators after setting this record, and much more. It also wouldn't be shocking if more boxing events from other influencers start cropping up after seeing the immense success the Spanish Twitch streamer has had with his events. This also proves Twitch has become a major platform for things beyond gaming, despite the platform originally starting out as a gaming-only website.

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