Udon Entertainment Publishing New Mega Man X Manga

Mega Man X

While today has been a pretty good one for Mega Man fans with the news that Torch Man would be coming to Mega Man 11, there was also some good stuff announced for people who love manga as well.

During its San Diego Comic-Con panel today, Udon Entertainment revealed that it would be publishing a one-shot manga featuring the Blue Bomber’s X form in January 2019. Titled Mega Man X: Mega Mission, the book is the work of Hitoshi Ariga, who will help oversee the coloring, alongside Josh Perez. This will coincide with the Mega Man MasterMix books that are currently in the works, with the fourth issue set to debut sometime this October.

A Twitter user by the name of Deb Aoki provided a few pictures during the reveal, and while there aren’t too many details regarding the story, the cover does look pretty badass (even if it’s not quite final yet). You can see them in the tweet below.

There are no doubt a number of Mega Man fans that will be getting their hands on this manga early next year, with a style they’ll truly appreciate. In the meantime, however, they can indulge in the Mega Man X Legacy Collection games, which will be arriving this Tuesday, July 24, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Our review should be publishing by then so we’ll let you know what we think!


As for the Megaman Mastermix series, it’s gotten its fair share of fans as well. And as you can see from its retro-style cover art, it’s definitely catering to said fans, continuing a story that they’ve been enjoying for some time. We’re pretty sure those fans are probably enjoying both of the Mega Man Legacy Collection compilations as well, which are also available for those same systems.

We’ll let you know of any news that drops for Mega Man over the next few days!