Uncharted 5 Update Has Disappointing News for PlayStation Fans

If PlayStation is making Uncharted 5 for PS5, Nolan North, aka Nathan Drake, doesn't know about [...]

If PlayStation is making Uncharted 5 for PS5, Nolan North, aka Nathan Drake, doesn't know about it. There have been rumors percolating for a while now that a new Uncharted game is in development not at Naughty Dog, but under a new team at Sony San Diego, the studio primarily known for the MLB The Show series. Of course, there may be something to these rumors, but a pair of new comments from North suggest there may not be. That or a new game is being made without Nathan Drake.

During a new Get Good livestream, North confirmed that if PlayStation is working on a new Uncharted, he doesn't know about it. He then added, cheekily, that if a new game is in development and he's not in it, there will be problems.

Unfortunately, this is all North had to say about a possible Uncharted 5. That said, it's worth noting that North would never purposefully disclose work on a new Uncharted game, however, he has leaked the existence of games in the past. That said, if North was working on a new Uncharted game, you'd expect him to dodge the topic or at least utilize a classic "no comment."

For now, this shouldn't be taken as a full-stop confirmation that a new Uncharted game isn't in development, especially considering how Uncharted 4 ended and how if the series did come back it may be without Nathan Drake at the center of the action.

That said, even if PlayStation makes a new Uncharted game not starring Nathan Drake, you'd assume the treasure hunter would, at the very least, have a cameo or two, which would require Nolan North, but maybe not right away.

At the moment of publishing, all we have is speculation, and this is all we've had for years and it's probably going to be all we get over the next couple of years as well. Whatever the case, this was certainly not the update PlayStation fans were hoping to hear.

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