Uncharted Actor Nolan North Praises Tom Holland in Role of Nathan Drake

Ever since it was announced that Tom Holland would be playing the role of Nathan Drake in Sony's [...]

Ever since it was announced that Tom Holland would be playing the role of Nathan Drake in Sony's upcoming movie based on the Uncharted video game series, some fans were immediately skeptical of the casting decision. Although Holland has largely been great in the other projects he has appeared in--most notably within the Marvel Cinematic Universe--many fans felt that he was too young to take on the character of Nathan Drake. Now, one of the people that happens to be most intimately familiar with Drake's character has spoken up about the choice and has given Holland his full support.

Nolan North, who portrays Nathan Drake in the Uncharted video games, recently talked about the upcoming movie and Holland's ensuing version of the character. Speaking on the Good Game Nice Try podcast, North said that he believes Holland is the perfect actor for what Sony is looking to do with this iteration of Drake. Rather than trying to match the version that fans are familiar with from the video games, North said that he thinks it's smart to tell a different story centered around the character, most notably when he is younger.

North also went on to say that he loves everything about Holland and his personality off the camera as well. "He's a super nice kid. Big fan of [Uncharted]," North said of Holland. "He's enthusiastic. He's so athletic. He's an amazing dancer. He actually did a lot of, with safety harnesses, he did a lot of the stunts. His physical intelligence is off the chain, the way he moves."

For now, we still haven't received an official look at what Tom Holland will be bringing to the role of Drake within Uncharted outside of a single frame from the movie. That being said, with the film being planned to hit theaters early next year on February 18, 2022, it stands to reason that a trailer of some sort should be dropping before too long. We'll be sure to share such a trailer whenever it does arrive here on ComicBook.com.

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