Sony Says Uncharted Movie Is In "Advanced Development"

According to Sony, its upcoming Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake is in "advanced development." Now, what this means, is a bit unclear, but it does at least confirm that the movie is still moving along and that we should hear more about it soon. Unfortunately, this is the only update Sony has provided for the film. The news came coupled with the announcement of PlayStation Productions, a new special division that well help adapt and develop some of Sony's video game IP to the big screen. In addition to the i movie, the division is also working on a Twisted Metal TV series.

As for the Uncharted movie, we currently don't know much about it. What we do know is that it takes place before Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which is to say it's a very early prequel to the video game series that will star a teenage to young adult aged Nathan Drake, which is why Tom Holland has been picked to play the treasure hunter. We also know that the director is Dan Trachtenberg, the director of 10 Cloverfield Lane and the upcoming Houdini movie.

According to a report earlier this year, Chris Hemsworth, Matthew McConaughey, Chris Prine, and Woody Harrelson have been shortlisted to play Sully, Nathan Drake's mentor. However, this report surfaced back in March, so there's a chance it's no longer accurate, if it was ever accurate in the first place.

As for when the movie will begin production, who knows. At the moment of publishing, Sony hasn't revealed any production or filming dates. But, if the movie is in "advanced development," that seems to more or less suggest things will start rolling sometime this year. As you will know, the Uncharted movie has suffered numerous shake-ups and setbacks, however, hopefully now that Sony has a dedicated team aiding in its creation, it won't suffer any more.


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