Uncharted: Tom Holland Jokes That He's "Naked for a Large Portion" of the Movie

Uncharted releases in theaters this Friday, and star Tom Holland has been making the rounds promoting the film over the last few days. The Nathan Drake actor appeared on the Twitter Movies account, where he was tasked with responding to a number of different Tweets about himself, the PlayStation games, and the movie itself. The thread doesn't contain any major revelations about Uncharted, but there was one interesting bit. When one poster said that they hoped to see Holland's abs in the film, the actor replied that he'll be "naked for a large portion of this movie!"

Readers can find that specific Tweet from Holland embedded below.

Of course, Holland is probably joking, but it's impossible to say for certain without seeing the film. Holland's co-star Mark Wahlberg recently said Uncharted is "for the whole family," so it's probably a safe bet that Holland is exaggerating, at the very least! Holland also addressed one poster that said they hoped the movie is "just as good" as the games it's based on. The actor said that he believes Uncharted is "just as good," while admitting that the movie is also "different in some ways."

It will be interesting to see how PlayStation fans feel about the film once it's been released! Holland is playing a much younger take on Nathan Drake than we have seen in the PlayStation games, as will Mark Wahlberg as his mentor Victor "Sully" Sullivan. If the movie proves successful, it could make the series a household name, and it could bode well for future PlayStation adaptations, such as the Ghost of Tsushima film. Adaptations of video games have historically been a mixed bag, but Sony has a strong incentive to make sure that these movies are as good as they can be. The company certainly wants to see the film succeed, and a successful box office could push more people to check out the games!

Uncharted is set to release in theaters Friday, February 18th. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the film right here.

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