Universal’s Super Nintendo World Will Be Getting Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Sections

A little while back, Universal began discussing its plans for Super Nintendo World, the latest expansion to their Universal Studios themed park in Orlando which will take gamers right into the world of Mario and company. Today, thanks to GameXplain, we've learned about just what else will be added to the attraction as it continues construction.

It appears that Mario won't be the only hero getting a game world at the park. WFTV in Orlando reported, based on documents it's seen from the project, that it will be taking up residence in 8.8 acres of size behind Simpsons Land, where the Kids Zone currently resides. (The E.T. Adventure will remain where it is.)

The video explains that there will be a Donkey Kong land that will take up about 4.7 acres of the world, along with a Mario Kart set-up that will take up 1.76 acres. So that leaves just over two acres of space to do something with, in which the host of the video explains that we could be looking at expansions – maybe even connected via warp pipe?

The project is still in production, with about three years to go, but WFTV notes that it could open in time to beat Walt Disney's upcoming anniversary in 2021, which Disneyland plans to celebrate in stride – possibly with its forthcoming Star Wars park additions.

8.8 acres is a whole lot of space for some Nintendo love, and though it'll take some time to see what it's all about, this news should no doubt leave Nintendo fans excited. But the only question is, what will we see next? A Splatoon war arena? An ARMS combat arena with extendable arms? The possibilities are endless.


We'll keep you informed on the latest additions to the park as we get them. In the meantime, check out the video above!