Valorant Reveals New Agent Astra

Riot Games has been excellent about adding new content to its multiplayer shooter Valorant over the past year since first launching. And with the game's current Act is beginning to wrap up, Riot has now given fans an idea of what they can expect in next week's update.

Once again, Valorant is set to receive an all-new Agent in only a few days. Revealed earlier today by Riot, this new Agent is that of Astra, who serves as the 15th playable character in the game. Astra hails from Ghana and has a variety of abilities at her disposal that allow her to "reshape battlefields" at will. You can get a look at how she plays in the video attached to the tweet below.

As a whole, Astra seems like an agent that is primarily going to be used to control choke points on various maps. Her abilities let her place specific "stars" at different spots on each level. She can then activate these stars with her different abilities, each of which does something a bit different. One use of the stars will stun enemies, while another works as a sort of smokescreen. Meanwhile, her ultimate allows her to erect a wall that stretches across the entire map.

When it comes to her release, Astra will roll out on Tuesday, March 2. Her addition to Valorant will come about on the same date that Episode 2 of Act 2 begins. A new battle pass for the game will also then launch a day later on March 3.

Valorant is available to play right now and is exclusive to the PC platform. Riot has said in the past that it's working on console iterations of the game, but no such release plans have been announced just yet for these versions. If you'd like to keep up to date on the game moving forward, you can follow our ongoing coverage right here.


So what do you think about Astra? Are you going to look to give her a go in Valorant when she releases next week? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.