Virtual Reality Girlfriend Simulator Sales Nearly Double After Oculus Rift Discount

Sometimes I get to write a lot of cool headlines that show the world that video game culture [...]

vr konojo

Sometimes I get to write a lot of cool headlines that show the world that video game culture caters to the most creative and most empathetic people in the world. Sometimes, though, I have to write headlines that prove that gamers can be downright creepy. Today is one of those days. It think you'll find this story somewhat hilarious, though. The developer behind VR Konojo or "VR Girlfriend," a NSFW sim game where players get to woo young women in VR from the comfort of their gaming chairs, revealed that sales of the game jumped dramatically due to a recent discount on Oculus Rift VR headsets.

The Oculus Rift was recently discounted by $100. Additionally, there was an Oculus Rift bundle that came with two Oculus Touch controllers for an incredible price of $399 on Prime Day, and that deal still seems to be live. Following the stretch of extreme affordability (compared to the $700 it used to cost to get a Rift and Touch controllers), VR Girlfriend sales shot through the roof. VR is great for many things, but these guys were only interested in VR for one thing: virtual romance.

Let's not sugar-coat this: VR Girlfriend is probably the creepiest VR game out there right now. You can try to talk your away around it all you want to (plenty of people online doing that), but the fact of the matter is that this game basically exists to let you perv out on a young woman with zero consequences. You'll find yourself in a room with a young woman in a skirt, and apparently she's really hot because she'll stand in front and let it hit her from all sides and all angles. That's where you come in to, well, stare at her from all sides and all angles. Then -- oh boy -- you get to watch her sleep on her bed, tossing and turning. It's basically a "look up someone's skirt" simulator which, yeah, is pretty gross.

It just goes to show you that mankind will always do self-serving things with technology before it does neat and progressive things with technology. Virtual reality will one day be an incredible tool for virtual travel, exploration, and learning, but until then, we have VR Girlfriend.