Spokesman on Fiverr Becomes 'Fortnite' Meme, Instantly Banned

Going viral can be a good thing, or a very bad thing. For the website Fiverr that offers a chance for creators-for-hire to contract out work for a limited time, going viral was in the "very bad thing" category - at least depending on your perspective.

It all started when Pete Accetturo, 'Voice Over Pete', accepted a contract in Pete's search for voice acting success. Mr. Accetturo has been lending his voice for years now as a freelance worker for a variety of projects, but it was Fortnite that took him to the next level - for better or worse.

His journey into Memedom was a whirlwind. The video went viral and skyrocketed to millions of views on YouTube before it was finally taken down. From there, it was re-uploaded, torn down, re-uploaded, and torn down again. Accetturo noticed that his orders on the popular website Fiverr shot through the roof, going from 100 on average per month to well over 500, charging 50 bucks per clip.

The problem is, when he records these clips in front of his green screen, he doesn't really know what will be included behind him during edits. Because of that, this man has become pretty much a meme goldmine - all because of Fortnite. Unfortunately, that fame got him banned from Fiverr, though the Internet immediately rallied behind him.

Fiverr still stands by their statement that Voice Over Pete is in violation of their standards. But, this story does have a happy ending. Both Pete and his son have moved over to Patreon and between his lower rates and the viral support he's now getting, it looks like all is well that ends well for this epic tale. Also memes.


Thanks, Kotaku!