Walmart Is Selling SNES Classic Edition Consoles This Week, Starting Tomorrow

It’s the holiday season, which means gaming fans are looking for those perfect gifts to give to [...]


It's the holiday season, which means gaming fans are looking for those perfect gifts to give to loved ones – or themselves. But one gift that's fresh on the minds of many retro-themed gamers is the SNES Classic Edition.

Nintendo has been trying to bump up its stock of the hotly-selling system, but some fans may be missing out, mostly due to folks picking it up as quickly as they can. However, you have another chance to score one, especially right before Black Friday.

As pointed out by our gaming buddy Wario64 on Twitter, retail chain Walmart will be offering a number of SNES Classic Edition systems for three days this week, with a new batch going on sale starting at 11:00 AM PDT on its website. These sale days start tomorrow, November 15th, and run through Friday, November 17th.

Now, it's first come, first serve, and we can probably imagine that the website is going to be slammed with traffic as the system goes on sale. Plus, orders aren't exactly guaranteed with this retailer. It sold the SNES Classic Edition in a pre-order fashion earlier this year, only to end up cancelling quite a few orders, leaving many retro fans enraged. So just remember, you can try to purchase a system, but there are no guarantees. You can see Wario64's tweet below, showing the official Walmart advertisement.

The SNES Classic Edition has certainly lived up to the hype, based on the review we posted earlier this year. It's got 21 games loaded with 16-bit gaming goodness, from Super Mario World to Yoshi's Island to The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past to the awesome Super Metroid. Not to mention that it's the only system that lets you play StarFox 2, Nintendo's cancelled 16-bit sequel to the popular space franchise. (The original's included in the SNES Classic Edition, for good measure.) So it's definitely worth the money, if you can get your hands on one.

You can attempt to purchase the system here. We wish you the best of luck – this is definitely something you'll want in your stocking.