Warframe's Lore Broken Down In Quick One Minute Video

Warframe is a phenomenal free-to-play shooter game that has an incredibly involved developer team [...]

Warframe is a phenomenal free-to-play shooter game that has an incredibly involved developer team to make sure that the play experience remains true to what fans want. It's one of the major companies out there that has almost complete loyalty from its player-base, and it's easy to see why. They are constantly adjusting the title to make it better, new content, and an incredible lore set - Warframe is absolutely the title to recommend. Because of that, newcomers might feel a little overwhelmed by all of the apparent lore in this franchise and it's for this reason that we've got the perfect video to share.

We've shared this channel quite a bit in the past, personally I'm a huge fan of Lore's comedic take on popular video games and what they bring to the table comedically. Their latest video dives deep into the lore of Warframe, making it easier for newcomers to jump in and veterans to refresh.

Not in a place to watch the video at the moment? Not to worry, the team always provides a full transcript of their videos, which you can see below:

"Long ago, humanity discovered The Void, an extra dimensional realm. Studying the Void advanced science quickly. The Orokin Empire terraformed the Origin System, but after centuries of expansion, resources became scarce.

So the Orokin sent self-replicating machines to terraform the Tau System. The first colonists boarded the ship Zariman 10-0, headed to the new system, but the void-jump failed. Presumed lost, the ship returned years later. Unfortunately, only the children survived, plagued by explosive new powers. Thankfully, Orokin scientist Margulis created Somatic Pods to grant them control and pleasant dreams."

"Meanwhile, the self-replicating machines returned as The Sentients, seeking revenge on their creators. The Orokin were outmatched, so they weaponized the children, now called the Tenno. Forced into Transference, the Tenno projected into surrogate biomechanical armor called Warframes, drove back the Sentients and ended the Old War.

"But the history of the Tenno has faded, the Collapse of the Orokin Empire is an ancient mystery. Centuries later, new factions fight for Orokin technology. The Grineer, descended from Orokin clones, augment their deteriorating bodies to conquer the colonies. The Corpus, profit-mad scavengers hunt for better technology. And the Infested mutate their enemies with invasive Technocytes.

You are one of the Tenno. Awakening in a pod, you're surrounded by Grineer soldiers hoping to dissect you. Good thing you're gun-toting, sword-swinging biomechanical death machine."

Waframe is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will also be making its way over onto the Nintendo Switch at a later date.