Windjammers Beta Sign-Ups Live

Ready for some classic arcade disc-slinging action? Windjammers is making a return on PlayStation [...]

Ready for some classic arcade disc-slinging action? Windjammers is making a return on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and it's been drumming up some serious hype. This was apparently one of the most satisfying competitive multiplayer games of its time, and what little footage we have makes us think that there are countless late nights ahead of us, digging elbows into our friends' sides and shouting in victory or agony. If you'd like to give the game a go before it launches this summer, you can sign up for the closed beta right here.

Windjammers - PlayStation Experience WWG

The closed beta will run from June 8 to June 12, and will primarily be held in order to test the online multiplayer and matchmaking functions. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to get a 23 year-old up to snuff, but with anything competitive you never can be too careful. You have until June 5 to sign up for the beta if you're interested.

Windjammers originally launched back in 1994 for the Neo Geo and was a huge hit when it came out. This remaster was announced last December during the PlayStation Experience to everyone's surprise, and we're dealing with more than a simple port with HD graphics. This new version of Windjammers will feature online multiplayer for the first time, so you can get your competitive fix any time with players from around the world. Windjammers will also feature five game modes, competitive leagues, and six unique playable characters, each with his or her own specific skills.

For those who don't know, Windjammers is a bit of a mix between disc golf and air hockey. Players will face off against an opponent across a court with the goal of slamming a disc into their goal. The disc can be bounced off the edges of the court, or powered up through a variety of skills. Needless to say things can get pretty heated pretty fast. This is one we've been waiting for since it was revealed, and your humble author is already signed up for the beta. We'll see you guys on the court.