Wipeout Omega Collection Gets Nostalgia-Stoking PSOne-Style Box Art

The Wipeout series has been a staple on Sony platforms for the past two decades, but the [...]

(Photo: Sony)

The Wipeout series has been a staple on Sony platforms for the past two decades, but the futuristic racing games were really in their prime during the PSOne era. So, it's appropriate that the upcoming Wipeout Omega Collection is getting a totally rad sleeve that makes the game look like it's housed in a classic PlayStation box, complete with plastic spine, scuff marks, and cracks. Check it out:

(Photo: Sony)
(Photo: Sony)

Unfortunately, this sleeve is only being offered through certain European retailers like ShopTo. No word on whether other regions can expect their own gnarly retro covers, but North America's original Wipeout box art was significantly less cool than Europe's. Maybe we just don't deserve nice things. Honestly, just give me the European sleeve, and I'll be happy.

For those looking for a little retro racing fun, here's what you can expect from the new Wipeout package:

"Wipeout Omega Collection brings together all the content from Wipeout HD, Wipeout HD Fury and Wipeout 2048, enhanced for PS4 and PS4 Pro. We have been able to take advantage of the power and memory bandwidth of PS4 to rework all textures in the game. Compared to the original games, textures are now clear when viewed up close: you can even read some of the small text on the ships for the first time.

Wipeout Omega Collection will include 4K HDR support and feature higher resolution and improved graphical quality on PS4 Pro. The additional power of PS4 Pro allows us to render an incredible amount of detail at 4 times the resolution of PS4 and the extra detail this affords us really adds to the gameplay experience, by making it more immersive for the player."

Wipeout Omega Collection speeds onto the PS4 on June 6.

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