WWE 2K18 Coming to Nintendo Switch, Seth Rollins Confirms

This morning we were woken up by Seth Rollins, who was pleased to tell us that WWE 2K18, the next [...]

This morning we were woken up by Seth Rollins, who was pleased to tell us that WWE 2K18, the next entry in 2K Sports' flagship wrestling series, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Is this a dream? No, no it's not. But it is a fairly awkward announcement video. Watch above to see Seth Rollins confirm that he does, in fact, take his Nintendo Switch everywhere (just look at all of those fingerprints on the back -- gross).

"WWE 2K18's Switch debut marks the first time in five years that a new WWE video game will be available on a Nintendo platform. Thanks to Switch's on-the-go capabilities, it will also be the first portable WWE video game available in six years." This is a historic moment for Nintendo and for 2K! This also bodes really well for future Switch support from Take-Two Interactive, which owns not only 2K, but other giants like Rockstar Games.

"Switch enthusiasts who choose to step into the WWE 2K18 ring can expect a flurry of new features in this year's game, many of which were detailed recently in a 2K developer's blog post. This includes matches featuring up to eight Superstars, a more expansive backstage area, new weight detection and grapple carry systems and much more.

"This is in addition to a more immersive MyCareer experience and an all-new online Road to Glory mode that pits your custom Superstar against players around the world. WWE 2K18 will also provide a more comprehensive ability to customize the in-game experience, including a new Create Match option."

At the end of the press release it's confirmed that WWE 2K18 will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch on October 17, along with its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts. Unfortunately we don't have any screenshots or gameplay from the Switch version and the announcement video is pretty much just Seth Rollins talking. Hopefully we'll get some footage soon to see how this is shaping up. As soon as we see the game in action, we'll update you right away.