Xbox Announces Bethesda Roundtable Event

Xbox confirmed on Thursday its plans to hold a roundtable broadcast event where it'll discuss the acquisition of Bethesda, the company announced this week. The news of the event follows the successful acquisition of the game development company best known for things like the Fallout and Elder Scrolls games which was finalized this week. It hasn't been explicitly stated what we'll learn from the event aside from more about Bethesda and its work with Xbox, but those planning on tuning in have been cautioned against expecting primarily news or reveals from the broadcast.

Aaron Greenberg, the GM of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft, first shared news of the roundtable event planned for Thursday. The stream featuring members of the Xbox and Bethesda teams will begin at 10 a.m. PST, though it hasn't been said yet which members of either of the teams will be present for the discussion.

The confirmation of the event wasn't wholly unexpected by those who've been keeping up with the happenings between Bethesda and Xbox since it was rumored that this exact sort of broadcast would happen at some point this week. Xbox Game Pass, the premiere service touted by Xbox that includes so many games already, is thought to be a topic of discussion during the event. Some new listings for some of Bethesda's games were recently spotted within the Microsoft Store to suggest that additional Bethesda titles might soon be coming to Xbox Game Pass now that the deal is finalized and those games can be moved around accordingly.

It's exceptionally unlikely, however, that we'll learn anything new about Bethesda's biggest projects it has in the works including The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. Greenberg suggested as much by saying the event wouldn't be focused on news or reveals, so those going into the roundtable with hopes of learning more about the new games will likely be disappointed.


At best, we may get an indication of what the general plans are for Bethesda's future releases. As a member of the Xbox team now, it's expected that Bethesda's new releases will come to Xbox Game Pass as soon as they're available just as every other one of Xbox's studios' games do. There's also been talks of some games being exclusive to Xbox in the future, though which games those'll be remains to be seen.