Xbox Hints at Possible Game Pass and Console Price Increases

Microsoft likes to call Xbox Game Pass "the best deal in gaming," but it seems that deal could get a little less sweet in the future. Speaking at WSJ Live, Xbox boss Phil Spencer discussed prices for Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass, stating that the company might have to raise prices "on certain things" in the future. It's unclear when that might happen, or exactly what might go up in price, but Spencer did state that there are no plans to do so during this holiday season.

Audio of Spencer's comments was shared on Twitter by @Tomwarren, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Sony made headlines earlier this year when the company announced plans to increase the price of its PlayStation 5 console in most areas around the world. That decision notably excluded the United States, but it came as a surprise considering that most consoles tend to drop in price over time. Similarly, the Meta Quest 2 has also increased in price, jumping up by $100. It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will eventually have to do the same, but clearly worldwide inflation issues and chip shortages continue to have a huge impact on the video game industry.

Game Pass has become a major part of Xbox's overall strategy, helping to lure new users to the Xbox ecosystem. The Xbox Series S has been very successful in this regard, as Microsoft confirmed this week that nearly half of those sales were to people that have never owned an Xbox before. A big part of that can be attributed to the console's $299 price point coupled with Xbox Game Pass. If Microsoft were to raise the price of the Xbox Series S as well as the cost of Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, the company would need to be very careful about finding the right price point. Until the company announces anything further, Xbox fans will just have to wait and see, but those interested in purchasing one of the company's consoles might want to do so sooner, rather than later!

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