Microsoft Reveals Shocking Xbox Series S Statistic

Over the last two years, the Xbox Series S has found a lot of success for Microsoft, and a lot of that success has been with newcomers to the brand. During Microsoft's Fiscal Year 2023 First Quarter Earnings conference call, CEO Satya Nadella revealed that nearly half of all Xbox Series S consoles have been sold to those that have never previously owned an Xbox console. That's a stunning statistic, and it shows that the cheaper platform is acting as a gateway to audiences that might not have otherwise purchased an Xbox!

"And as we look towards the holidays, we offer the best value in gaming with Game Pass and Xbox Series S. Nearly half of the Series S buyers are new to our ecosystem," Nadella revealed during the call.

Microsoft did not provide a more specific breakdown of those numbers, but it does show just how successful the platform has been at drawing in new audiences. While the Xbox Series X offers more power, the Series S is a significantly cheaper alternative. There are a lot of negatives associated with all-digital consoles, but the Series S is an inexpensive way for players to access Xbox Game Pass. Since Game Pass offers all of Xbox's first-party games, it's not hard to see why the platform might be enough to sway those that have never purchased a console from the company. 

Some developers have reportedly been unhappy with Microsoft's requirement that all Xbox Series X games release on Xbox Series S, claiming that the less powerful console is holding them back. However, this statistic further illustrates why that policy is in place. Next-gen systems aren't cheap or easy to come by, and the Xbox Series S offers a gateway to that experience. Microsoft has clearly struck gold with the console, and it will be interesting to see if the Xbox Series S can continue this trend!

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[H/T: Benji-Sales]