Xbox Game Pass Leaker Teases Big New Game

Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are getting a big new game, according to one leaker. Just about every week Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC are treated to new games, and sometimes games leave the service to make way for the new titles. Recently, Xbox Game Pass has been adding a variety of popular sports games, but only for Ultimate subscribers. That said, to make up for this, one of 2020's most popular games may soon be added, presumably to both versions of the subscription service.

Taking to Twitter, leaker "Shpeshal Ed" seemingly teased that Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are adding Watch Dogs Legion. Unfortunately, the leaker doesn't say when nor do they outright make the claim in the first place, but that's how many have interpreted the fairly obvious riddle below.

"As he heads to the Game, he Passes by his Legion of fans, waving as he goes. He spots his opponent across the room. 'Show me what you got'," wrote the leaker on Twitter.

Meanwhile, in the replies to the tweet, another user pointed out that during a recent video call, Phil Spencer had a Watch Dogs Legion collectible on his shelf. Why is this noteworthy? Well, because he had an Xbox Series S sitting on his shelf before it was announced and nobody noticed. That said, he also now has a Kojima Productions collectible on his shelf, and a Nintendo Switch, so it's impossible to know if there's anything to this observation.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt as it all ranges from unofficial to speculative. As for the source, it's the same person who recently leaked that Final Fantasy 7 Remake was going to be a part of March's free PlayStation Plus games lineup before it was revealed. This doesn't mean every leak they share should be taken to the bank, but it does make the claim far more compelling than most rumors and leaks.


Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are available via the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. For more coverage on it and all things Xbox, click here.