Xbox Is Giving Away Free Microsoft Store Gift Cards

It's Thanksgiving week, which also means Black Friday is upon us, and soon Cyber Monday will be as well. That said, in order to fuel the Black Friday purchases of Xbox One and PC gamers, Microsoft is giving away free Microsoft Store gift cards. And that's it. No strings attached. That said, it's completely random who's getting the free gift cards, which appear to be for $10 credit on the Microsoft Store. Whether you got one or not who knows, but you can easily find out by checking your email, which is where the free gift cards are being sent.

So, when you hop into your email linked with your Microsoft Store account, check for the email subject "Get a free $10 gift card before they're gone." Further, if you don't see it in your regular inbox, be sure to peep your spam folder, as multiple users have noted that's where their email went for some reason.

At the moment of publishing, it's unclear how many of these gift cards were sent out and whether Microsoft has any plans to send out anymore. That said, these type of things are usually pretty limited, in terms of both how many are sent out and how they are usually only sent out in one single wave. For example, every time Microsoft has done one of these special promotions, I've never ever gotten one. So, if you haven't seen one in your inbox yet either, just know you're not alone. It certainly seems like these go out to a very limited number of Microsoft Store users.

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