Xbox One S Price Chopped In Advance Of Microsoft’s Big Project Scorpio Reveal

E3 season is obviously a great time for video game news, but this year it’s also a time to grab [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

E3 season is obviously a great time for video game news, but this year it's also a time to grab some fantastic savings. Case in point, Microsoft has just announced they're chopping the price of the Xbox One!

Starting tomorrow the price of an Xbox One S drops $50 to an attractive $250. Tomorrow is the date of Microsoft's big E3 2017 press conference, during which they'll promise to fully unveil their new Xbox One model, Project Scorpio. Could Microsoft's marking down the basic Xbox One model hint at the Project Scorpio price? Perhaps the Scorpio is less expensive than we're expecting, forcing a cut in price for the less-powerful model? Or maybe the Scorpio is so expensive this price cut is a preemptive apology? Who knows?

Of course, Sony has also reduced the price of the basic PlayStation 4 to $250 for a limited time as part of the Days of Play summer sales event. So, maybe the Xbox One cut is just a competition thing?

Sony's discount only lasts until June 17, at which point the PS4 goes back to $300, while Microsoft has yet to clarify whether their $50 price cut is permanent or not. One thing we do know is Xbox One isn't getting a swanky gold or silver model, so Sony still wins this round.

Microsoft's big E3 2017 briefing kicks off tomorrow (June 11) at 2pm PT. Word is, the show will run nearly 100 minutes, so expect a whole lot of Project Scorpio talk, long gameplay demos, and hopefully a few good surprises.

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