Microsoft Claims Xbox Scarlett Will Fix Xbox One's Biggest Shortcoming

One of the biggest problems with the Xbox One is that it lacks meaningful first-party exclusives. [...]

One of the biggest problems with the Xbox One is that it lacks meaningful first-party exclusives. The PlayStation 4 has God of War, Uncharted, Bloodborne, The Last of Us, Death Stranding, Marvel's Spider-Man, Ghost of Tsushima, and many more great exclusives that will make console gamers want to buy the system. The Xbox One simply doesn't have this, and if you don't like shooters or racing games, then its offering is especially light. That said, according to the head of Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, starting in 2020 and with the Xbox Scarlett, you'll see many more first-party exclusives out of it. In fact, the aim is to release a new first-party game every three to four months.

"We feel really good heading into 2020. We've got a goal of being able to deliver a game, roughly, every three to four months," said Booty while speaking to Games Radar. "We have a little bit of work to do to get there. It'll be lumpy, but we're closer than we were. And so we feel really good going into 2020 – and the run-up to Project Scarlett – with our content line-up."

Of course, if this is the aim of Microsoft, then it makes sense why it's been gobbling up studios right and left recently, including Ninja Theory, Double Fine, and Obsidian Entertainment. However, as you will know, it's not about quantity, it's about quality. There's already more than enough games to play via third-party and indie developers. What there isn't is a ton of is high-end, premium games, especially that are narrative-driven. That's the space PlayStation first-party has made its own this generation alongside a few other studios, like Rockstar Games and CD Projekt Red.

In other words, releasing a first-party game every three to four months is good. That's a great output, but it won't matter if most of these games are on the level that we've seen from much of Xbox's first-party developers this generation.

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