Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Advocates For Gaming During Coronavirus Pandemic

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, cities throughout the United States are [...]

In order to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, cities throughout the United States are encouraging people to stay inside. Naturally, people are actively looking for ways to spend that time in-doors, and playing video games is an excellent way to keep busy, and possibly even stay active. On Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked about how happy he is that video games are bringing people pleasure during these difficult and scary times. Spencer also mentioned how gaming is helping people to stay connected with friends, as well. Online multiplayer just might be the perfect way to do just that, at the moment!

Few companies have championed online play as much as Microsoft has. The publisher has been pushing online gaming since their entrance into the industry, and has actively fought for more publishers to embrace cross-platform play between titles. As such, it makes a lot of sense to see Spencer talking up the social benefits of online gaming. When people can't physically play games next to one another, doing so online really is the next best thing.

With quarantines likely to become more common in the coming days, people will increasingly lean on the escapism video games offer. The pandemic will inevitably lead to delays for some upcoming games, but digital storefronts should still offer plenty of titles for players to enjoy.

Spencer makes an important point about play being "a fundamental human need." During the pandemic, people will naturally have a lot of anxiety, and gaming could be the perfect way to relieve that stress. While there are still a lot of negative connotations that surround video games, an increasing number of people have embraced gaming, using it as a way to interact with friends and family. Some people will never change their negative opinions on the industry, but as gaming continues to grow and change, the strengths of the industry will continue to shine through.

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