Xbox: The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend Announced

For those Xbox One users that are looking for something to play this weekend but aren't quite sure [...]

For those Xbox One users that are looking for something to play this weekend but aren't quite sure they are willing to spend some cash on a gamble, good news! Microsoft has just revealed their most recent free-to-play weekend and it's the perfect time for players to jump back into the world of Tamriel like never before with The Elder Scrolls Online.

The MMORPG brings the world that so many loved from Oblivion, Morrowind, and Skyrim and scales it to unbelievable levels. Play solo or with friends (I usually go solo with my Wood Elf) and take to epic questlines and unlock more lore than ever before. It's honestly a phenomenal game, one that I feel personally is massively underrated. Though the story is a bit slow to start, once you hit level 20 - the story really kicks off. And don't even get me started on that wonderful Morrowind expansion! Familiar faces and new friends, it's the perfect way to take to Tamriel with your friends and Guildees.

That's not the only free game offered this weekend either. Codemasters' OnRush is also available for players to enjoy! According to the game's official description:

"OnRush heralds the return of all-action, gravity defying, arcade racing. A celebration of sensational speed, outright fun and over the top spectacle OnRush is a racing game where you are always in the heart of the action. OnRush is not about racing to the finish line. It's not about car set up or tyre choice. It's all about style, flair and the feeling of performing incredible takedowns, racing on the edge of control and risking everything in an effort to take the victory for your team. No arcade game would be complete without Boost, and OnRush takes this to the next level with RUSH – the ultimate racing power up. A devastating and exhilarating burst of energy and power, RUSH is a true game changer that can wreak havoc and destroy your competition."

It is important to note that an Xbox Live membership is required to partake, but it is an amazing opportunity to check out these games at no cost. If you like them, get them! They're on sale!