Controversial YouTuber Logan Paul Is "Going Gay" for a Month, Everybody's Confused

Everyone has their New Year's resolutions. Getting back into the gym, finally playing through that gaming backlog (why you do dis, Steam?), and other ways to just overall improve one's life for the year ahead. Obviously the controversial Logan Paul had to put his own spin on resolutions, dubbing "Male Only March" to be a thing after he announced he's "going gay" for a select period of time.

In a recent video, both Logan Paul and Mike "Hey Big mike" Majlak decided to talk up what they had planned for the year. January is apparently all about going vegan, but March is where things get interesting for the streamer. According to Paul, he's going to "only date men" during the entire month before "going back" to women in the subsequent month.

OK ...

The internet being ... well, the internet had mixed reactions. His fans were mostly confused, some downright hateful, meanwhile the actual LGBTQ community was both confused and honestly just kind of wishing he'd just go away instead of "going gay."

The general consensus is that this is just one more thing he did wrong in a long history of just overall being a screw up. Following the Japan suicide controversy, his abhorent behavior whilst traveling overseas, and his apparent lack of regard for anything even remotely decent for a few additional clicks, this latest "joke/resolution" seems to be putting the YouTuber back on a familiar path for 2019.


But hey, good luck going vegan.