Die Hard the Christmas Movie Gets a Bloody Foot Funko Pop


Whether you like it or not, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. It might even be one of the best Christmas movies ever made. Not convinced? One of the film's screenwriters declared that it was a Christmas movie, Die Hard has an illustrated Christmas storybook, and Funko just released a bloody new Die Hard Funko Pop figure as part of their Christmas in July event.

The first Die Hard Funko Pops dropped in 2018, so it's been a long wait for a new installment. As you can see, the wait was worth it. John McClane running barefoot across broken glass is just the kind of thing die hard Die Hard fans look for in a Funko Pop.

Pre-orders for the bloody foot John McClane Die Hard Funko Pop are live here at Walmart (exclusive) for $8.78. They're calling it the "Dark Tank" John McClane Pop, which is amusing. Needless to say, a sell out is virtually guaranteed on this one, so grab it while you can. Shipping is slated for October 9th. When it does sell out, you can find one here on eBay.

Funko's Wrap Up Some Fun Christmas in July event ends today, July 29th. You can keep tabs on all of the major new releases via our Funko page.

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