Hocus Pocus 4K Blu-rays Are Ready for Halloween


Disney's 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus film seems to get more popular every year, but things have definitely shifted into a higher gear recently. First and foremost, a Disney+ sequel is currently in development. There has also been a wave of merch that includes Funko Pops, fashion collections, and board games. To top it all off, the original film has been given a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray upgrade, and it launched today, September 15th!

Hocus Pocus superfans should head straight for Best Buy's exclusive SteelBook edition of the film in 4K + Digital, which features some fantastic artwork designed by Matt Ferguson. This is the same artist that produced the artwork for Marvel's penultimate Infinity Saga 4K Blu-ray box set last year. You can order the SteelBook exclusive here at Best Buy for $27.99. The standard Hocus Pocus Blu-ray can also be ordered Best Buy for $22.99. A listing for the standard edition is up on Amazon but not active at the time of writing.

beetlejuice-4k-blu-ray-collector's edition

In other Halloween-ready Blu-ray news, Tim Burton's beloved 1988 film Beetlejuice also came to 4K Ultra HD recently. There's even a collector's edition giftset that features The Handbook for the Recently Deceased (with... collectible chalk), a Beetlejuice poster, a glow in the dark embroidered patch, and special edition packaging.

The Beetlejuice 4K Blu-ray collector's edition gift set is an Amazon exclusive that order right here for $49.99. A Best Buy exclusive SteelBook is available here for $29.99. The standard edition is available to order here at Best Buy for $24.99.


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