Hear the Sound of Fear in 'A Quiet Place' Trailer

In the upcoming thriller A Quiet Place, making a sound could be the last mistake you ever make, as you can see in the new teaser above. A Quiet Place will be making its way to theaters on April 6, 2018.

Details about the film are sparse, but as we can see from the teaser, a family lives a safe and isolated life in a farmhouse. It's clear that they are the survivors of some sort of deadly and otherworldly attack, as evidenced by the destruction done to the house. Clearly fearful of the threats that loom in the darkness, the family resorts to communicating with sign language, until the silence is shattered and makes the household the target of what stalks them.

John Krasinski, who directed the film from a script he also re-wrote, stars alongside his real-world wife Emily Blunt. The film marks the first foray for the actor into the genre world, having previously starred in films like Leatherheads, Away We Go and 13 Hours. Most audiences will recognize Krasinski as the lovable everyman Jim, who regularly clashed with co-worker Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and boss Michael (Steve Carell) on the NBC sitcom The Office.

Blunt, however, is a little more well-versed in the genre world, thanks to her role as the love interest in 2010's The Wolfman. She then went on to star in Looper alongside Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as give Tom Cruise a run for his money as his partner in Edge of Tomorrow. The latter film proved to be successful enough to earn itself a sequel, which has been titled, Live Die Repeat and Repeat, in which she is signed on to star.

Last year, one of the breakout horror hits of the genre world was Don't Breathe, which incorporated similar elements of silence in order for its main characters to survive. Rather than being a supernatural threat, the film focused on a group of teens breaking into a blind man's house who get far more than they bargained for when realizing the man had no trouble tracking the invaders through the darkness.

You can check out A Quiet Place when it hits theaters on April 6, 2018.

[H/T Variety]