YouTuber Jake Paul Takes 'Bird Box' Challenge, Nearly Gets Hit By Car

Netflix's Bird Box has become a discussion point incredibly quickly, partly due to Bird Box challenges, and for Jake Paul it almost got him hit by a car.

Netflix has warned people about doing Bird Box challenges, which of course comes from Sandra Bullock's character having to wear a blindfold to avoid the nightmarish creatures that inhabit your mind if you see them. The challenge, therefore, means some are going out into the wild with blindfolds on to see how far they can get, and Youtuber Jake Paul decided to raise the ante on that challenge by doing it for 24 hours.

The results were cataloged in his newest video, but as you can see, he's lucky he didn't get hit. At one point Paul and his friend George decide to walk into the street, which actually happens to be a busy intersection. As they walk further one car honks and goes around them while other cars stop to let them through. Eventually, Paul's other non-blindfolded friends get them out of the street, and you can watch the whole thing below.

Jake's brother Logan Paul is also making headlines, though in his case it is because of his hope to fight in UFC someday, and he keeps petitioning UFC CEO Dana White to make it happen. Paul thinks it will happen someday, especially if White wants to make money. Paul previously described how dedicated he would be if White would give him the all-clear.


"I think the UFC is built on a model of people watching people fight," Paul told TMZ. "I can fight, there's no doubt about that and I will train whatever amount of dedication I need to train to fight in the UFC. Dedicated as f***. If I get the opportunity to fight in the UFC that's my life. For the next 6 or 8 months, whatever it is, that's my life, that's my focus. Look I'm not like a professional fighter, so I know I'm not going to be an idiot and pretend that I can get in the ring with someone who's gonna rip my f****** head off."

As for Bird Box, you can see the movie for yourself, as it is on Netflix now.