The Universal Monsters Return to This Year's Halloween Horror Nights

Most new horror movies attempt to deliver audiences an iconic villain that strikes fear in the heart of the viewer, whether that be through a striking appearance or through their terrifying actions. After decades of horror movies, few monsters are as iconic as the original roster of Universal Monsters. Films like Dracula Untold and The Mummy might confirm how difficult it is to bring the titular characters back to their original glory, but fans still connect strongly with the archetypes and their imposing presences. To honor these characters, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and Hollywood, California will be delivering audiences experiences incorporating these characters.

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man Maze at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights
(Photo: Universal Studios)

Per press release, "On the heels of last year’s successful Universal Monsters experience, Universal Studios Hollywood will introduce an all-new horrifying maze, Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man, that delves deeper into the Universal Monsters’ lore. Loosely based on Universal’s 1943 horror movie of the same name, this reimagined tale for the 21st century takes guests on a terrifying journey that bears witness to a deadly confrontation between these two horror icons and the epic battle that rages between them. Guests will follow in the footsteps of the Frankenstein Monster, lured by exotic music towards a nearby gypsy camp while desperately seeking sanctuary from a mob of angry villagers determined to destroy him. It is within the gypsy encampment that the Frankenstein Monster meets The Wolf Man and where the madness begins as guests are led along a path of destruction through the murky Moors, to a creepy cemetery and into the smoldering ruins of Castle Frankenstein and its icy cellars beneath.

"Once again, GRAMMY Award-winning musician, SLASH, long hailed as one of the best electric guitar players of all time, will collaborate with Universal Studios Hollywood to compose an original score for the maze.

Universal Monsters is Coming to Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights
(Photo: Universal Studios)

"At Universal Orlando Resort, guests will be hunted by every single grisly monster from the anthology, including Dracula, The Wolf Man and Frankenstein, in the all-new experience, Universal Monsters. Each sinister environment will bleed from one to the next as guests press through the darkened realms of horrifying creatures. Guests will face bloody terrors in Dracula’s castle and flee from what is behind the cryptic howls of the grim forest. They’ll run from the horrifying manmade monster within Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory, and fall prey to an ancient Egyptian curse as they are pursued by the evil Mummy. Guests will try to escape the mysterious Creature lurking in the Black Lagoon, or become victims of other horrors waiting in the shadows.

“Halloween Horror Nights begins Friday, September 6th in Orlando and on Friday, September 13th in Hollywood. Additional details about the events will be revealed soon. A limited time ticket offer and vacation package for Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights are on sale now. For more information about Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort, visit"

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